Named for the large felrite meteorite that sits in the center, this was also the largest meteor that hit in the region. The meteor created an impact zone significantly larger than itself. The damage to Aberjack City from the shockwave was substantial with buildings crumbling and glass shattering. It has been estimated that had the meteor been even 15% larger that it could have wiped out all life in the area.

The meteorite at the center, and all felrite shards, were found to be highly radioactive. Even buried felrite could create a radioactive environment above it. While this radiation killed some, it also warped others into new ghastly versions of their former selves. The FelLands are filled with these beasts and men who have been changed by the felrite.

Also with the felrite came the creatures known as slivers, alien creatures that are immune to the radiation that have created vast hives across the area.

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